Boston family photos in studio

One of the best things about being a photographer with a commercial studio, is I have an awesome alternative location for family photos–my studio! Don’t want to worry about the weather? Looking to take family photos in the Winter? Not sure if your toddler will cooperate during a evening photoshoot? All of these are great reasons to do your family photos in my Boston studio, located conveniently in Dedham, MA. Its true that my studio is designed for newborn photo sessions, but its also a perfect location for family photos!

Here are all the reasons that this Boston family photographer loves doing family photos in my studio rather than outdoors.

Boston family photos in studio

Don’t worry about weather

It isn’t uncommon for New England photographers to have to reschedule (sometimes multiple times) outdoor family sessions due to rain. One year, I had to reschedule EVERY SINGLE FAMILY PHOTO SESSION during the Fall busy season. Do you remember how much rain we got here in Boston last Summer and Fall? To say the weather is unpredictable in Massachusetts is probably an understatement.

Having an indoor location is such a huge benefit. Even if its pouring outside, we will be fine inside.

Boston family photos in studio

Gorgeous custom designed backdrop

I have designed the studio to be the perfect neutral backdrop for family photos. A simple bed with cream colored linens, dried flowers and boho pillows, warm wooden finishes, neutral colors and textures are all my favorite elements for the background of indoor family photos in the studio.

Boston family photos in studio

Access to my client closet (and a bathroom)

One huge perk to doing your Boston family photos in my studio is my client closet! I have tons of dresses for mom, and lots of outfits for kiddos for you to choose from. All the outfits are “photographer approved” and look great with my studio set ups. You’ll even have access to the bathroom to change and look in the mirror before we get started. And it doesn’t hurt to have somewhere for the kiddos to go potty before you leave.

Boston family photos in studio

Containing the kiddos

If your little ones are anything like mine, it can be difficult to keep them in one spot for pictures. I know (from personal and professional experience) how frustrating it can be to spend half of your session running after your kid and carrying them over to where we’re trying to shoot. While I have some tricks up my sleeve to keep them engaged, I have to admit that its so much easier to have them contained in a smaller space.

Boston family photos in studio

Privacy is nice in the studio

When photographing families outdoors at a local park–the Arboretum is my absolute favorite–I do my best to keep us in a more secluded area, so no one is staring at us while we do our photos. But sometimes you have some random…. watchers lol. Its not a big deal, but there’s already a lot going on, the last thing you want is strangers staring at you.

My studio is completely private and allows us to do our thing without any random people adding to the stress.

Boston family photos in studio
Boston family photos in studio
Boston family photos in studio
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