My Baby Registry Guide

After two kids, I feel pretty confident in recommending our favorite products to hopefully help you with your baby registry. Luckily for me, I work with new parents and got tons of great advice and suggestions from my clients during my pregnancy, and I’m happy to pass it on to you 🙂


Uppababy – Minu stroller

My only regret is not buying this sooner! This is our car stroller that we keep in the trunk. The Mesa car seat pops into this with adapters, and it folds down to be pretty small with one hand! Can’t beat that.

We used the infant insert for the first few months as Ollie is a little guy, and now he faces out. Its great for shopping, walks, and non-strenuous hikes. We haven’t done it yet, but I think we can wear him on our back as well. We’re able to easily adjust the fit so my husband and I can both use it.

Solly baby wrap

Loved this especially for the early sleepy days. Super soft and comfy and lightweight. This is a must have for second baby, and allowed me to do things around the house while snuggling.

Graco pack n play

If you are ever sleeping away from home, this is a necessity. We used it for Ollie until he switched to a toddler bed, and now will use it for years with Rory!

Milk Snob cover

We use this as a carseat cover when we want to protect baby from the sun or to help him nap in the car/stroller. You can also use it as a nursing cover up, but I never did.

Travel changer

You really don’t need a “diaper bag,” you can just use any back pack or tote, but you do need one of these. It folds out with a padded changing mat and zippered pockets for diapers, wipes, etc.

SPF blanket

This is great in the summer to throw over the car seat, carrier, or use at the beach.

My Baby Registry Guide



If you buy one thing on this list, get this! It’s a silicone cup that suctions to your boob while you nurse on the other side to catch your extra let down. I also use it to hand express after baby is done nursing to build a stash of breastmilk. I used this with Rory during night feedings when I was making the most milk and I was getting 10-20 ounces a day from it.

Dr Browns bottle sponges and Bottle drying rack

Not very exciting, but necessary.

Breast milk storage bags

If you’re planning on pumping and saving milk in the freezer.

Lanolin nipple cream

Buy a bunch of these and leave them everywhere you might be nursing. Use this after you nurse–everytime, from the beginning to prevent cracked and bleeding nipples. I speak from experience.

Nursing pads

Use these with the lanolin cream, even if you aren’t leaking. Lanolin will stain your bra/shirt.

Boppy pillow

We went with My Breast Friend, but I would choose the Boppy pillow if we could do it over again. You can use it as an infant lounger and for tummy time, not just nursing. 

My Baby Registry Guide



So expensive, but we thought it was worth it! Loved the app that tracked sleep, and it helped rock Ollie back to sleep when he fussed in the middle of the night.

Babyletto crib

We’re happy with this so far–it will convert to a toddler bed and a full size bed, and we don’t have to buy additional parts (just the mattress.)

Babyletto crib mattress

Not very exciting, but you need one! I liked that this one came with a mattress cover.

Little Unicorn crib sheets

So cute, I loved this pattern. Get two for inevitable blowouts.


We use this every night, but it’s especially important for winter and colds, when you cannot give them cold medicine.

Keekaroo changing pad

This is made out of some soft plastic, and you can use bleach wipes on it. Not as cute as the fabric covers, but less laundry!

Snuggleme Organic

We loved this for naps before we started putting him in his bassinet during the day.

Sound machine

We tried a few, and this is our favorite!

Summer Infant Monitor

Works great! 


Portable, perfect amount of light–gifted from one of my lovely clients.

My Baby Registry Guide

Other things:

Little Unicorn swaddles

These muslin swaddles are super cute and were great for the first few weeks.

Ollie Swaddle

This swaddle is super stretchy and has velcro to keep baby tight and secure. It was great once Ollie was starting to wiggle out of the muslin ones.

Activity playmat

I thought this one was cute! Great for tummy time or laying on his back and playing with the hanging toys.

Nose Frida

It’s called the snot sucker. Its super gross but you will do this when you’re kid is sick.

Nail clippers

These ones have a little window that lets you see what you’re cutting so you don’t accidentally cut their tiny fingers.

Bath tub

A little hammock that turns into a seat and then a big tub before they go in the real one. You’ll also want a hooded towel and wash clothes.

Medication pacifier

A paci that fits into a medication dispenser. A great way to give them Tylenol the first few times.

As baby grows:


I searched for one that wasn’t super ugly, and this was the best I could find. Once Ollie was about 6 months old he could use this and he LOVES this thing. He could bounce in it all day long.

Foam mat

Great for once they are rolling over and sitting up.


So cute and stay on his feet with the velcro!

Silicone feeder

Once you’re ready to start solids beyond purees, this is great and easier to clean than the mesh ones.


We were super lucky and a friend gave us a bunch of hand-me-downs. We also registered for a few onesie and pant packs in each size.

One thing to consider is that you don’t know how big your baby will be. My son was 6 pounds at birth and was in newborn size until about 3 months old. It makes planning seasonal clothes a bit tough. For this reason, you may want to wait to buy the next size up until you need them.

I also recommend just buying zip up pajamas for the first few months. That’s all we put Ollie in until he started going to daycare and I felt like I needed to put him in actual outfits. If you want to splurge, these are amazing. They have magnetic closures instead of zippers or buttons which make your life a lot easier at 3am.

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