Whitney is a mom living in Boston, Massachusetts. She's been photographing babies and families since 2012.

Boston Landscape Photographer – Star Trails at Lost Lake

I’ve always been skeptical of photos of star trails. There’s something amazing about seeing time move within one image, but this is in total contrast of my love of freezing one moment in time within one image. This is the first star trail photograph I’ve created, sitting on a rock at the bank of Lost Lake in Oregon, gazing south where Mt. Hood sits at 11,250 feet—the highest mountain in the state.

The final image is comprised of 33 90 second captures, just under an hour in total—blended in photoshop to create a star trail effect without the typical noise of such a long exposure. It’s hard to imagine as we are going about our busy lives, or even as we are staring out over a tranquil lake at the landscapes in the distance, that the Earth is spinning and rotating and that we are just here for the ride, but it’s pretty breathtaking to be able to feel that here in this image.

Prints are available for sale here.

Star trail over lost Lake

Whitney O'Brien

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