Whitney is a mom living in Boston, Massachusetts. She's been photographing babies and families since 2012.

Boston Landscape Photographer – Mount Rainier at Reflection Lakes

Mount Rainier is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Standing at 14,409 feet, it is literally unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Photos cannot do it justice. The first time I saw it, I was driving through a small town in Washington, on my way from Olympic National Park. I could see Mount Rainier off in the distance, floating over the landscape in a way that felt like looking at the moon—an acute sense of awe of its sheer grandness. I loved it so much that we detoured back to see it again a week later, where I took this photo at Reflection Lakes.

This photo was taken using a 10 stop neutral density filter, to allow for a 20 second exposure for those wispy clouds and the smooth lake. This photo doesn’t do Rainier justice, but it’s still pretty grand.

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Mount Rainier in Reflection Lakes

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