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Boston Newborn Photographer – Snuggling Tiny Peanut Babies

Caitlin is a tiny peanut baby who I was lucky enough to get paid to snuggle last weekend. Oh and I also took her photos. I’m going to be sharing a lot of these ones because I am kind of obsessed with her, for the following reasons:

  1. She didn’t poop on me. Not even once! I don’t think she even peed on me. Winner!
  2. Weighing in just over 6 pounds, she is just SO cute and SO snuggly.
  3. I love her parents, Lauren and Bill. They are both naturals with her and are going to be amazing parents to this little kiddo.
  4. Even when she was awake, she didn’t cry. She was content to stare into my eyes (and lens) and let me put her in baskets and wrap her in cute fabrics and what not.
  5. She was my first girl in weeks!!

So basically, get excited for a bunch of newborn girl photos coming your way 🙂 Here’s my favorite, in purple of course, with a headband I’ve been meaning to use since I got it. Love!

Boston Newborn Photographer - Why I love this snuggly peanut newborn girl

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