Whitney is a mom living in Boston, Massachusetts. She's been photographing babies and families since 2012.

6 Week Old Jackson

This little guy is one touch cookie. I photographed Jackson, on his due date, at 6 weeks old. No lie, he slept better than most one week old babies I have in my studio! As a newborn photographer, I am always trying to keep these babes asleep the entire session. I send instructions ahead of the session with tips to keep them sleeping through the shoot, I play white noise on a special machine, heat up the studio to keep them comfortable, and have mastered the duel butt pat/forehead stroke. And of course the sleeping angelic newborn photos are the number one goal here. He was conked out for most of the session, until the very end, where we got a ton of amazing faces. While this happens pretty often at some point during my newborn sessions, I think I’m going to make a point of capturing these kinds of awake streaks in every session. You really get to see their little personalities. Smiles, yawns, sneezes, and all. I cant wait to see Jackson grow up and continue to turn into a little person!

Whitney O'Brien

photographer, new mom, puppy lover, coffee addict

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