Boston Newborn Photographer – 16 Day Old Leo

After we got a few shots of Leo and Mom, it was Dad’s turn. Luckily I asked Dad to take off his very nice button down shirt and stick to the undershirt **just in case.** We are dealing with naked newborns here people. Poop happens. A lot. I’m used to it, but parents are used to diapers! So, Dad luckily, takes off his nice shirt, I hand Leo off to him, and I’m sure you can guess what happens next. A lot of poop. My biggest regret from photographing this session is not getting a photo of that. Instead, I got a few great ones of Dad doing an excellent job pretending his t-shirt wasn’t a complete mess from the baby down. These photos and those memories will last us a lifetime 🙂

Boston Newborn Photographer, 16 day old Leo


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